Santa's Workshop

Santa's Workshop Demo

Can you help the elves in this mind boggling puzzle game?


  • Challenging puzzles
  • Good instructions


  • Little variety
  • Annoying sound!


Santa's elves have to get all the gifts ready and wrapped before Christmas, and in Santa's Workshop you help them do this by solving lots of block-sliding puzzles that will really get you thinking.

Santa's Workshop is just Christmas theme stuck on a puzzle game, but if you like logic puzzles, this will keep you occupied over the holidays. This demo gives you an hour's play, which is plenty enough to get a taste for the game.

Each level has a number of gifts that have to be pushed to starred blocks so they are wrapped. You push the gifts around with your Elf. As you can't pull, or push more than one gift at a time, the puzzle is working out which order to do things so that you don't get stuck, or none of the gifts get stuck. After a tutorial, the game quickly gets challenging, as there is usually only one way to correctly move the gifts to beat the level.

The graphics are bright and clear, but nothing special, and the sound is probably best avoided! Never the less, the puzzles are engaging, and satisfying to solve. There isn't much variety on offer however, except for the changing shape of the puzzles. Santa's Workshop doesn't offer enough gaming motivation to keep casual players coming back - although puzzle fans will probably be perfectly happy.

Santa's Workshop is a simple concept that gets pretty challenging, but it's a shame there wasn't a bit more variety in it.

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